American LV Men FW 24-25

by Alain Chivilò


The initial question about the Men’s Autumn Winter 2024-25 collection, thought up by the creative director Pharrell Lanscilo Williams at Louis Vuitton is: would you have thought to see American style clothes?

For the Paris Fashion Week, the capital’s Jardin d’Acclimatation became a Hollywood set with images of the Wild West and its rocky mountains. At the end, a snowfall accompanied the collection on the final catwalk. All for an American Louis Vuitton.

Eighty looks with few dedicated to women, all elaborated and conceived in Country, Far West, Texas and Native Americans styles with an incursion also into work clothes that have passed into the world of fashion over the decades. A full and rich collection with multiple elements, but mainly with attention to the creation of clothes and accessories.

The choice of Pharrell as creative director gave that verve and vivacity to a brand as LV synonymous of luxury, but above all of fashion empire. A victorious Napoleon who is unlikely, or rather never, to be defeated.

The opening, via streaming, is with a scheduled entrance from behind the scenes, surrounded by numerous spectators on their mobile phones with the live broadcast.

Entering the models, the inevitable leather belt with handcrafted buckle, refined camperos, the long raincoat, the bag with cow skins, the Stetson hat, leather in trousers, jackets and vests, the Vuitton and LV prints.

It wasn’t a question of re-proposing an already existing style, but of making a way of dressing that characterizes some geographical areas of the United States of America luxurious and exclusive.

Continuing the view of the looks: denim in jacket and trousers with precious embroidery or checks mixed light and dark blue. The buttons on the coats and jackets are in turquoise, a fur with shades from brown to grey, jackets with two or three buttons. Floral motifs and some cactus are further elements of crafsmanship applied to the clothes. Texas and ribbon bolo ties.

The pixel motif has been re-proposed with different shades in matchings divided into trousers, jacket, down jacket, jacket, total, bags and trunks. A tie with a stylized rose. Moreover, the red and black checked pattern, typical of workwear in mountainous areas of the US, is proposed again not like the years of the historic Grunge, but in a luxurious way among shirts, long jackets, bags and trunks. The latter, in the various models, are always carried on a trolley giving greater stage presence.

There is also the eccentricity of the rodeo suit with colored lace included and the hip hop jacket with Las Vegas style motifs and writings.

Creative Director Pharrell Williams reminds us that we are Human Made and that’s why true connections are essential. A bow followed by all the models greets the large audience with native music following.

The Men’s collection brings the super French brand Louis Vuitton into an American style. It’s not a gimmick, but among the 80 looks on show there is a lot of research inside fabrics, matchings, style and silhouette. It’s always possible to go to the USA for a visit but to stay there, in our century, are necessary funds that cannot be improvised in the period allowed for staying trusting in something unexpected but, for Autumn and Winter 2024-25, the clothes from the LV collection allow to wear an American style according to Pharrel Williams.


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