Australian Open Men’s Semifinals

by Alain Chivilò


Jannik vs Daniil is the final of the Australian Open 2024.

After the various tennis offensives, the battleship Jannik Sinner sails the Oceanic seas majestically and more confident than ever. In just few months, a transformation already underway which, through the victory in the Davis Cup of his Italy, closed that small difference that arose especially after the defeat in the final of the ATP Finals in Turin.

In 3.23 h, Jannik Sinner 6/1, 6/2, 6(6)/7, 6/3 vs Novak Djokovic

The scoreboard is quite evident, but when the number 1 seed of the 2024 Australian Open fails to get even a break point it is symptomatic of the supreme strength of the number 4 seed. Welcome to the long sporting era of Jannik Sinner, who will bring himself and Italy to goals never seen and achieved before in Italian tennis.

For Sinner, a drumming first and second set with extreme pressure that immediately crushed Novak’s intentions. First: 2/3 break points and 28 points won for the Italian against 15 for the Serbian. Second: always respectively 2/3 break points and 28 points against 17. In the third set Djokovic tries to put something back in place and Sinner catches his breath a little. The tiebreak, game after game, is inevitable. The battle heats up and in the final Nole puts all the energy into moving on to the next one. Fourth set: with 1/4  break point won, Jannik becomes glacial and advances to the Final for the first time. Novak takes the defeat thinking, now, about ten months of tennis to play with the Olympics in the summer.

As indicated, Jannik Sinner remains the favorite at the 2024 Australian Open with only one set lost and a sparkling, cold and clinical play especially in the crucial moments of the match.

Daniil Medvedev 5/7, 3/6, 7/6 (4), 7/6 (5), 6/3 vs Alexander Zverev in 4.19 h.

Definitely closer match than the previous one. Opening set, initial break by the German, 3-1, again 4-1. The Russian, however, is not discouraged and breaks to going to 5-5 . With much suffering, Alexander wins 7-5. Second in the name of break and break back and final break for Zverev. Third, all in the tie-break decided by Medvedev. Fourth with the more enterprising Russian and the German with some negative signs, but the tiebreak is still for Daniil. In the deciding set Zverev, down by two breaks, wasn’t longer the same as the first three sets. Powerful performance by Medvedev who, allowing him to spin his web, wins inexorably.

The final, Jannik Sinner vs Daniil Medvedev, will be hard-fought, tough and long only if the Russian gives much, much more than the favorite Italian on the court, barring sudden opposing tendencies and counter indications. It is clear that if Sinner allows Medvedev to weave the insidious tennis web, the forecast will change immediately. Let the final match of the 2024 Australian Open begins.

First trophy awarded:

Mixed Doubles Final, Hsieh-Zielinski / Krawczyk-Skupski in 1.57 h, (5) 6/7, 4/6, 11/9

Juniors, Semifinals:

Emerson Jones vs Iva Ivanova 6/4, 6/1

Renata Jamrichova vs Ena Koike 6/4, 2/6. 6/3

Rei Sakamoto vs Nicolai Budkov Kjaer 6/2, 6/4

Jan Kumstat vs Mees Rottgering 6/1, 6/3


second finalists, Kichenok-Ostapenko 7/5, 7/5 vs Dabrowski-Routliffe

Final: Hsieh/Mertens vs Kichenok/Ostapenko


Regarding the events taken place in recent periods, I can only indicate, as an editorial and personal note, that luck and misfortune arise from direct connections and contacts which in turn create, almost always, virtuous circles. If, however, the lack of direct contact wins, ensuring that nothing has happened, it is clear in the long run opposites are generated in cyclical phases. Unfortunately, this is not a playful fantasy, but it is the life we find ourselves facing. Many will, without ifs or buts, agree with this daily perspective.


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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