Biathlon Ruhpolding 2024

by Alain Chivilò


Ruhpolding, 10-14/1/2024, second appointment in Germany. The results highlight other always present protagonists, but Italy reappears with interesting performances in view of Anterselva next stage.

In the women’s overall, Braisaz-Bouchet does not keep the pace of the last month and her opponents are getting closer with an overtaking: Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold 666, Justine Braisaz-Bouchet 657, Lisa Vittozzi 606, Elvira Oeberg 541. Everything is always open and under review.

In the men’s overall, the business is in Norway with the first five places. Johannes Thingnes Boe 671, Tarjei Boe 593, Johannes Dale-Skjevdal 589, Sturla Holm Laegrid 509, Endre Stroemsheim 505. Everything is always open and under review.

Relays open on the weekend.

Tra le donne 4×6 km, Francia (Jeanmonnot, Richard, Chauveau, Simon) 0+2, 0+2 in 1.08.44,5 – Svezia (Magnusson, Persson, Brorsson, Oeberg) +8.7, 0+3, 0+0 – Germania (Walz-Hettich, Schneider, Preuss, Kebinger) +46.7, 0+0, 0+3. Very close between these nations and in some fractions also with Italy which then came sixth.

Among men 4×7.5 km, Norway (Laegreid, Dale-Skjevdal, Boe T, Sjaastad Christiansen) 0+3, 0+5, Germany (Strelow, Kuehn, Doll, Nawrath) +45.0, 0+2, 2+5, Italy (Zeni, Bionaz, Hofer, Giacomel) + 58.7, 0+5, 0+5. Fight between Germany and Norway for the victory, while France, Austria and Italy for third place.

Women 7.5 Km Sprint: 16 athletes in one minute. Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold 0+0 wins, in 19.25.4 in an effective balance between range and cross-country, +18.2 Mona Brorsson 0+0 with a very strong finish, +19.0 Lisa Vittozzi 0+0 who returns to the podium.

Men 10 Km Sprint: as for women in one minute 16 athletes. Vetle wins Sjaastad Christiansen 0+0 in 22.27.2, +16.9 Tommaso Giacomel 1+0 in a satisfactory performance, +20.1 Tarjei Boe 0+0 by a whisker before Jacquelin.

Women 10 Km, Pursuit: Lisa Vittozzi wins in 30.30.7, 1/0/0/0 with a high-paced finish over Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold +0.7, 0/0/1/0, Juni Arnekleiv +9.1, 0/ 0/0/0. The two women for the overall duel with the French and Swedes further behind.

Men 12.5 Km, Pursuit: Johannes Dale-Skjevdal 30.38.0, 0/0/2/0, +1.7 Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen 0/0/1/2, +2.4 Johannes Thingnes Boe 1/0/1/0 A very hard fought and close race.

Next appointment. Italy is ready for Italy. Dorothea Wierer is looking to return after a season’s troubled start. Any doubts for her will be solved before January 18th. In Antholz, in addition to the usual relays, individual (12.5 and 15 km) and mass start (12.5 and 15 km). France, Norway, Sweden and Germany will try to give themselves high performances along the legendary lake of the location.


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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