Chanel Celebrities Paris Shenzhen

by Alain Chivilò


From Paris to Shenzhen, Maison Chanel and its celebrities with their personal tastes and their way of seeing and appreciating the Spring Summer and Cruise 2024’s collection.

Actresses, actors, singers, composers, people from the entertainment and fashion system, writers, historic people of the brand, producers, managers and others from the most disparate sectors.

All united within the Chanel Fashion House. At the event, a further event which, every now and then, we are allowed to highlight by leaving the incessant and fast catwalk of the collection, or the pace of appointments characterizing a Fashion Week.

In the selection of images, with delicacy, confidentiality and respect, the various very important persons of the jetset posing during the Cruise 2024 show in Shenzhen but also, in two videos by the Maison for the SS 2024 collection.

Asia for Chanel and its fashion competitors is a market opportunity through dedicated events. A trend, a sales and marketing strategy that was widespread before the cursed pandemic (2020-22), which now resumes with specific programming. Tourism from Asian counties will become the first in the world in the next decade and consequently even the nations with cities and places of culture will prepare themselves in targeted communications actions. From now, not only Europe and US but also China, Japan and South Korea.


Chanel and Celebrities, Spring Summer 2024, Women’s Collection


Chanel Spring Summer 2024. Women’s Collection


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