Chanel The road to Manchester

by Alain Chivilò


The 2023/24 Métiers d’art collection in Manchester is scheduled on Thursday 7th December. As usual without a live broadcast, Maison Chanel will unveil the show Friday 8th December, 9am UK time (10 am Paris time).

Meanwhile, it’s possible to get closer to the event with a road to the MCR 2023.

– Teaser by Sofia Coppola.

Starting from the historic photos by Gabrielle Chanel in Great Britain, Creative director Virginie Viard entrusted American filmmaker and actress Sofia Coppola with the creation of a video that summarized the role of Manchester in the twentieth century from sport to music to culture. With New Order’s soundtrack through the historic hit Blue Monday, a kaleidoscope, a sequence, a puzzle of images and videos represent the British city throughout its post-war history. A short film featuring an energetic collage.

In the teaser it’s also possible to get the preview of the MCR 2023-24 through the shots by British photographer Jamie Hawkesworth. Models, young Mancunians, from an open casting present some clothes from the collection.

– Photo shoot of the Métiers d’art collection in a preview by Jamie Hawkesworth under the creative direction of Sofia Coppola.

Mancunians dressed Chanel, MCR 2023-24: jackets in multicolour Lesage tweed, woven with denim ribbons or bouclette threads in shades of pink, are worn with matching caps, while knitted looks in pastel tones rub shoulders with Chanel suits in shimmering nuances of pop red, mustard yellow and lilac. Furthermore, a fine velvet jersey sweater is embellished with a pleated plastron dotted with tweed ribbons and a black T-shirt dress features an embroidered crest. 

Now it’s time to get ready to look at the 2023/24 Métiers d’art collection.



©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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