Christina Quarles tripping

by Alain Chivilò


Christina Quarles artist about her exhibition and works said: “Through this new body of work I continue to learn, pivot and change, continuously challenging the processes and techniques I am familiar with. I’m thrilled to be showing my work with Pilar Corrias, who has been a constant support in my career and has seen me grow from the moment I had my first European show at the gallery in 2018. I am proud to inaugurate the new space and to showcase its exciting possibilities”.

From 10 October until 16 December 2023 Pilar Corrias art gallery hosts a solo show dedicated to the American artist Christina Quarles. “Tripping Over My Joy” is conceived in seven new paintings on canvas and nine works on paper. The exhibition, in London, opens and inaugurates the gallery’s new Mayfair flagship space, located at 51 Conduit Street.

The American artist places the focus of own works on perception. Elusive and ambiguous shapes, psychedelic motifs and open settings depict contemporary complexities. Surreal atmospheres for states of being. In digital, drawing and mixed techniques everything moves around continuous metaphors of the soul, of life and of what surrounds us. Ideas that start from her city of Los Angeles to touch the entire world.

In the gallery, with Christina Quarles’ exhibition, works by artists as Sabine Moritz, Tschabalala Self, Philippe Parreno are available to look, meanwhile at Frieze London 2023 Sophie von Hellermann is present to.

About Pilar Corrias: the gallery’s new flagship Mayfair space is planned by Cowie Montgomery Architects. The design stands out for its sheer volume, with a height of 5.1 metres and a flexible open-plan floor space allowing the gallery’s diverse roster of artists to fully realise their artistic visions. The gallery occupies almost 500 square metres over two floors, with the main exhibition space and a second gallery at ground level, complementing a further gallery space downstairs to allow for simultaneous programming. The space also has a library, private viewing room and offices.


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