Cinzia Bulone Enchant

di Alain Chivilò

©Alain Chivilò

Cinzia Bulone Submerged fascination. The painter Cinzia Bulone returns to exhibit in her native Agrigento. After an exhibition itinerary , in recent years, proposing her artistic process in Treviso and Mantua, she returns to her beloved Sicilian island. In an event organized by Art Musa, her personal exhibition at the Pietro Griffo Regional Archaeological Museum presents 23 oils on canvas divided between the Michele Lizzi Auditorium and the Museum. Curated by the art critic dr Alain Chivilò, the solo show was conceived to bring the artist Cinzia Bulone back to her city, after a synergistic itinerant journey in prestigious venues. For the occasion, a catalog dedicated to the exhibition represents documentation, testimony and compendium of the event.

As per the critical text by the curator Chivilò, “painter Cinzia Bulone constantly lives a deep, heartfelt and experienced process that leads her to ideally dig into the canvas with a spatula, brush and infinite color palettes. Art becomes a mission, in the painter Cinzia hides and reveals sublimations of the ego to live and exist in biographical processes of the soul, tracing concepts through informal nuances. The artist Cinzia Bulone conceives vibrant creative architectures whose foundations do not exist first, but are traced in the creative instant of the work itself and consequently of its narration. As in the ancestral hot-air balloons, we are set on continuous journeys observing signs of humanity in buildings, portals, metaphorical sources, vital vortexes which, like tiles in a mosaic, determine abstract shapes in colour. Cinzia Bulone codifies submerged fascinations that suddenly emerge with her own painting among colors, shapes and abstractions. Along her works, more cold tones to exert a direct influence on the soul, stand out constant nebulae from which chromatic energies propagate small figures singularly or plurally. Each of these has an interpretation and an explanation linked to the title of the work which, in addition to framing the subject created, draws attention to the observer about the potential that the artist has created. A constant balance of content between contrary and opposing forces that from the natural world influence human action in universes of yin and yang. Cinzia Bulone paints and portrays artistic paths in constant abstractions of the soul and mind. Visible but, at the same time, invisible worlds. Between the inexpressible nothingness and the expression of something, a poetics moves which is able to express and externalize a philosophical state indispensable to decoding an unsustainable desire to trace a journey with an end that is never apparent. Essences of memories and sensations, hidden charm pulsate and recompose in essential colors and shapes to give birth to pictorial visions, fragile atmospheres, dreamlike sensations for new hopes and further chapters. In Cinzia Bulone stories of personal being and pictorial feeling are established and unraveled by placing fragments of herself, but at the same time of us, for social and psychological works of absolute contemporary value”.


Born in Agrigento, April 1960, she grows up imbued with ideals and values of love and respect for humanity, driven since childhood to cultivate a passion for studies. Through a sensitive and emotional soul, during the university studies, she experiences a first fight between her inner and outer universe in a personal and apparent aggressiveness. From that period she decide to deep hidden landscapes of the soul. She instinctively took refuge in painting as a profound expression of her interiority, discovering herself as part of a humanity in which life flows, now turmoil, now joy, now restlessness, now peace but always tension towards the Light. Cinzia Bulone’s artistic activity began at the end of the seventies. In the early nineties, she decided to share her art production, participating in numerous group exhibitions and two solo in Sicily. Different vicissitudes lead her to a pictorial research work made in isolation. Long years in which her style is almost completely transformed, until it reaches today’s research. In thefifteen years she come out of isolation, hitherto wanted.

Among the main exhibitions and events:

Solo exhibition in Palermo (2016).
Group exhibitions in various European cities and locations (London – Paris – Berlin – Croatia) and in the world (Miami – Cuba).
With Galleria Farini Concept (Bologna) she partecipated, more than once, in Arte Padova, Arte Genova and various others group exhibitions in Italy (Milan – Venice – Bologna).
Premio della Lupa, by invitation (2019).
Solo exhibition in Treviso, Casa dei Carraresi, 2019, curated by Alain Chivilò.
Art Style Magazine, publications in 2018 and 2020, by Alain Chivilò.
Solo exhibition in Mantua, Casa del Mantegna, 2021, curated by Alain Chivilò.
Solo exhibition in Agrigento, Pietro Griffo Regional Archaeological Museum, 2023, curated by Alain Chivilò.

Event summary sheet:

Cinzia Bulone

Submerged fascination

curated by dr Alain Chivilò

Pietro Griffo Regional Archaeological Museum

Auditorium Michele Lizzi

Contrada San Nicola, Agrigento

20 May – 30 July 2023

Opening saturday 20 May 2023, 5.30 pm

Entrance: Auditorium free – Museum ticket

Opening: from Monday until Sunday 9.00 am – 7.00 pm

by Alain Chivilò

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