Davide Renne left fashion

by Alain Chivilò


The news was immediately covered by all Italian and international agencies and mass media: less than a month after being appointed as Creative Director of the Italian fashion house Moschino, Davide Renne died after hospitalization in Milan due to a sudden illness.

Life can be sweet but also bitter. Often in the possible or almost reached goal, an occult force decides to create new tortuous paths, or to close definitively. At 46, he was named Creative Director of the Moschino brand after previous experiences. From the statements he had placed himself in the right harmony with the historic founder of the brand. Tragically, the arcade mentioned has closed permanently.

The President of the Aeffe Group Massimo Ferretti sadly made the news official: “There are no words to describe the immeasurable pain we are experiencing in this dramatic moment. Davide reached us only a few days ago, when a sudden illness put an end too early in his young life. We still can’t believe it”.

Rest in peace Davide Renne.

At Milan Fashion Week, February 2024, the designer will be remembered and celebrated. For now it is not known whether the new collection will be created by a creative group in homage to Renne, or by a new one.


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