Dior Icons Menswear

by Alain Chivilò


Available in boutiques and online, the Dior Icons capsule collection makes men always elegant at any time of the day. Classic style in combinations and garments designed to represent a sartorial capsule that includes coat, shirt, jacket, knitwear, denim, with button and zip closures.

The fabrics are very accurate and selected such as poplin cashmere (also mixed with mink) and virgin wool. The heritage of the Maison is present with some highlighted elements such as the Dior Oblique, CD Diamond motifs and different shades of grey. The palette moves between camel, black, white, light brown.

The shots are produced by British photographer Brett Lloyd delicately portraying the capsule clothes worn by the selected models. The still life images are by French photographer Adrien Dubost for accessories as main players in the collection.

Creative director Kim Jones has designed today’s clothes for the man who often dresses and seeks effects-free matchings with the essence of being in style. As noted during the campaign’s presentatioon with Robert Pattinson, Icons capsule for Dior highlights men’s essentials that fit into the everyday wardrobe with refinement and elegance. Icons becomes complementary to the seasonal collection, redefining the contemporary classic for the man with his strengths and weaknesses.


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo


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