European Volleyball Semifinals Italy, France, Poland and Slovenia

by Alain Chivilò

©Alain Chivilò


European Men’s Volleyball Championship 2023. The Semi-finals begin.

Indications and predictions also respected for the Semi-finals of the 2023 European Men’s Championship. It is not a question of magic, but of analysis of the expressed play of the various national teams.

The Four for Three Medals are: Italy, France, Poland and Slovenia.

In the bedlam of Rome, Thursday 14 September, Poland vs Slovenia and Italy vs France. Saturday 16th the Finals for the Medals.

Italy tried to be spiteful, breaking the 100% indicated of the participants in the Semi-finals. In some moments he has not expressed the potential he has. The tie-break could have been bypassed, but there was avoidable pressure around the national team, rather than setting the match in greater harmony. As indicated for Rome, in Bari the spectators gave their all, cheering until the end without having any doubts. Well done!

Picking up the blue thread, Italy respects the prediction, despite suffering more than it should and flies to the capital of the Italian Republic.

Italy vs The Netherlands 3 – 2 (19-25, 25-17, 25-16, 23-25, 15-12). Now it’s the turn of another feared national team, as indicated above, the France of the Italian and great former volleyball player Andrea Giani.

Poland vs Serbia 3 – 1 was a constant battle where each tried to prevail over the other. The third set with a score of 1 – 1, which ended 36-34 for the Poles, was the key to Poland’s victory: 26-28, 25-15, 36-34, 25-17. Poland faces the European vice champions Slovenia.

France vs Romania 3 – 0 and Slovenia vs Ukraine 3 – 1 were the quarters that respected the prediction, but the opponents tried everything to subvert it.

In the Semi-finals everything is open even if Italy, the outgoing European champion, appears to be the favourite. He will have to dispose of the quarter played a few hours ago. France will try to express Giani style. Poland and Slovenia should be a balanced match, even if the latter seems to have something more.

As note, hearing the same audio on different radios, through information companies that produce a news segment, of the pre-semifinal interview with a player of the Italian national team was perplexing. Indicating that someone perhaps didn’t behave well in their past life and they as players did, what does it mean? What did that player want to say in a crucial moment of the European Volleyball Championship? From the audio, a hatred towards a person or more people was evident. Correct? Not correct?
As life lived it is possible to point out how, if there is no connection and direct contact, the practice of indicating incorrect and inappropriate behavior has no basis. Nothing has ever been built on hearsay, supposition, condemnation and malice. Unfortunately, from the second part of 2020 until recently, it has been highlighted in some media and cascaded in some fringes of society which have absorbed, without knowing anything, a desire to highlight a concept that makes no sense at all. No one can consider himself completely accomplished and free from defects. No one should take to the personal pulpit to discriminate by knowing, among other things, that has not behaved well.


by Alain Chivilò

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