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by Alain Chivilò

©Alain Chivilò


Givenchy by Creative Director Matthew M. Williams offers a simple yet complex Men’s Spring Summer 2024 Collection. Dresses between classic and contemporary. Current clothes to redefine and recontextualize the presence of Man in the various segments of the day.

A tartan shirt, knitwear with elaborate circles that pierce the fabric or become motifs of the same, the tip of the tie comes out of the shirt, all black, all white and combinations of colors that are not too showy. A classic like shirt and tie to wear in a casual way. Sleeveless in fabric, denim, leather in direct contact with the silhouette or over a shirt, short or long for even a complete suit, tank tops, raincoats, jackets.

A fil rouge, along the collection, is identified in the school uniform. A formative period from which Williams elaborates crested sweaters, sweatshirts and reduced polo shirts, round neckline or cropped at the side. Pairings with technical under jackets with archival floral embroidery, hand-set crystals and a yellow and black construction made entirely of super-lightweight calfskin.

Handmade double-face nylon outerwear, hoodies and tops with the Givenchy double face nylon brand. Using Givenchy Garment Dyed, crinkled tracksuits, military smocks and field jackets have undergone state-of-the-art fabric treatments. Denim in a new interpretation of regular fit jeans and ripped shorts. Long tees and jersey pieces are adorned with gems or hardware.

Double-breasted silk-wool blazer with magnetic closures, sculpted square shoulders achieved through hand-carved padding and eliminated back seams. Right proportions in tuxedos in lurex or brushed wool. A lightweight sneaker in nylon and corduroy. Technical bags in suede, nylon and webbing.

Givenchy by Creative Director Matthew M. Williams has proposed a tasteful, balanced collection for a man who spends his day between home, work commitments and free time. From the classic garment to the more aggressive one, the Men’s collection lives on its own personality without being too much agressive.


Givenchy Menswear Spring Summer 2024, Paris


by Alain Chivilò

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