Hochfilzen 2nd Biathlon 2023

by Alain Chivilò


Hochfilzen. Second stage of the 2023-24 World Cup in Austria.

Balance is still a constant element of this year’s Biathlon. Each race opens a chapter that is almost different from the previous ones. Consistency, as already indicated, will be a key factor. From Sweden to Austria the athletes have shuffled around with some in decline, others in better condition. Germany had a drop in performance with Preuss out due to Covid. Austria found interesting placings with the enthusiasm of their home nation. Norway on shields, it appears to have closed the gap from last year’s double retreat among women with visible improvements. Lisa Vittozzi remains among the top positions.

After 5 out of 21 races: Tandrevold rises to the top of the overall 271, Lou Jeanmonnot in an understandable dullness 251, Lisa Vittozzi 249 always present in the performance. Tarjei Boe in the lead 290, Sebastian Samuelsson 281, Johannes Thingnes Boe 229.

Men, 10 km Sprint

Tarjei Boe 0/0, +4.9 Sturla Holm Laegreid 0/0, + 10.0 Sebastian Samuelsson 1/0

Race conducted by the Norwegian duo with minimal difference. The Swede recovers very well with a miss on the range.

Women, 7.5 km Sprint

Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold 0/0, + 4.9 Elvira Oeberg 1/0, + 19.7 Justine Braisaz-Bouchet 1/0

Tandrevold leads the race with Elvira recovering with a miss on the range. Of note: Lena Haecki-Gross fourth, Lisa Vittozzi fifth and the new face of Austria Anna Gandler eleventh.

Men, 12.5 km Pursuit

Joy and Norwegian poker. Ten positions gained by the winner Johannes Thingnes Boe 1/0/0/0, +22.6 Johannes Dale-Skjevdal 2/0/1/0, +28.4 Tarjei Boe 1/0/1/0, +39.2 Sturla Holm Laegreid 0/1 /1/0

Johannes finds the rhythm of last season and after a first miss from the shooting range he makes no more and proceeds triumphantly, Dale overtakes the second Boe in the final part. Complete Sturla the Nordic Festival.

Women, 10 km Pursuit

Elvira Oeberg remains at the top winning 1/0/0/0, +11.2 Lena Haecki-Gross 0/0/1/0 who overtakes Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold at the finish line at the top until the last shot from the range.

The Norwegian team appeared tense, but as always, troubles are solved inside. Head to head between Oeberg and Tandrevold in a balanced race.

Men’s Relay 4 x 7.5 km 

France leads initially but the conclusion is with a bow and a downhill jump from the Norwegian Vetle. In a dull week, Germany returns to the podium at the last shooting range in a duel with Italy (interesting Zeni ‘new’ addition but to be verified). Not so bad Ukraine’s relay today.

Norway, Laegreid/ T Boe / J Boe / Christiansen: 0+2 / 0+3, France +28.7  Perrot / Jacquelin / Claude / Fillon Maillet: 0+2 / 0+4, Germany + 1.06.9 Zobel / Kuehn / Nawrath / Doll 0+4 / 1+5

Women’s Relay 4 x 6 km

Italy (Comola/Vittozzi/Trabucchi/Passler) leads with the first two teams, finishing with an interesting fourth place. A team for the near future with the ‘new’ Trabucchi (interesting but to be verified). From the third change, half race, Norway took the reins until the final victory.

Norway: Arnekleiv / Skogan / Knotten / Tandrevold, 0+1 / 0+5, Sweden + 31.6 Magnusson / Brorsson / H Oeberg / E Oeberg 0+5 / 0+5, France +1.01.5 Guigonnat / Jeanmonnot / Braisaz-Bouchet / Simon 0+2 / 1+6

Next third stage in Switzerland, Lenzerheide: Women and Men. Sprint + Pursuit and Mass Start, 14-17/12/2023. Before the Christmas break, with a return to Germany in January 4-7/2024, it will be possible to better see which athletes will be at the top after interesting competitions.


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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