Jannik Sinner wins the 2024 Australian Open

by Alain Chivilò


Jannik Sinner triumphs and wins the first Slam and the first Australian Open 2024 of his career at the fifth set. Historic victory that will bring numerous other trophies. Natural tennis qualities for a talent who has already been a Champion for some time. An Italian tennis battleship that sails and will sail oceans and seas for long, long time.

Tense start of the Final but, at the right moment, Jannik unleashes winning tennis hell equalizing the advantage acquired by Daniil Medvedev and then winning a brilliant AO 2024. Prediction respected, but this is Tennis.

Jannik Sinner 3/6, 3/6, 6/4, 6/4, 6/3 vs Daniil Medvedev in 3.44 h

Very tough and intense beginning of the match. Daniil Medvedev appears concentrated, aware of his possibilities but above all with a great energy against the odds, against the protests suffered, wanting to demonstrate that he is always there at the highest levels. The Russian, already experienced in important matches, is more relaxed. Jannik Sinner, making his first appearance in a Slam’s Final, appears tense, feeling the human pressure of the match.

Opening set that confirms what was highlighted with Medvedev on target. Sinner doesn’t express himself like in previous rounds. The Italian doesn’t get any break points, while the Russian capitalizes a 2/5 between the initial and final phases, moving ahead: 6/3.

Second set with Daniil Medvedev who, after the first game to serve, tries to force himself to break Janni Sinner who, in turn, saved four break points demonstrating great personality. Still at 2-1, Sinner serving, Medvedev finds the break in a glacial way on the first opportunity: 3-1.

Daniil Medvedev is tangling in his tennis web a Jannik Sinner who, watching live, is not expressing himself as in the previous rounds. The Russian’s serve has a high performance, between first and second, supported by more winners and fewer unforced errors.

Another break with Sinner serving, 5-1. Jannik gasps and breaks the score, 5-3. Something seems to change in the Italian’s approach, but the Russian resists and maintains the advantage, 6-3. Break points 2/6 for Medvedev, 1/3 Sinner. Percentage of points won on first serve 83% Medvedev, 48% Sinner.

Third set. Initial equilibrium. At 5-4, Sinner unleashes hell as per his skill and at the first break point available of the set closes coolly, 6/4. Points won 32 for Sinner, 26 for Medvedev.

Fourth set, copy of the previous one, but with more movement. Balance, but at 5-4 Medvedev to serve, the hell unleashed by Sinner equalizes the fate of a match that was never to be considered closed. Break points Sinner 1/3, Medvedev 0/1. Points won, 36 and 30 respectively.

Fifth and final set. All or nothing: Jannik Sinner with his icy skills finds himself at his best. Daniil Medvedev, without replies, was unable to contain his opponent’s forces in the crucial moments of the previous two sets.

The Russian does not get any break points, while the Italian anticipates the forcing and breaks (1/2 in total) to serve the victory at the 2024 Australian Open.

A compelling Final with double emotions, divided into positive and negative. If Medvedev had won, in the draft prepared in case of defeat, the final act would not have given due credit to Sinner who, until the Semifinal, had always dominated in an almost embarrassing way for his opponents. Daniil, as a seasoned champion, capitalized the initial impact of the match presenting himself with grit and determination. Jannik, in a balanced game, found all of himself in that only converted break point of the third set, which did not allow the Russian to respond. A key moment of the Final that unlocked the Italian tennis player, repeating in the next two. Extraordinary match, good tennis professionals, but for the Italian men and women: welcome to the Jannik Sinner era.

Penultimate trophy awarded:

In the Women’s Doubles Final, a historic couple returns to victory, finding new understanding, new motivations but above all a new prestigious and important victory: Hsieh-Mertens 6/1, 7/5 vs Kichenok-Ostapenko in 1.33 h

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Special mention and thanks to Getty Images and all the photographers involved, round by round, in the two weeks of the 2024 Australian Open.


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