The Gran Risa 2023 says Marco

by Alain Chivilò


Alta Badia, Corvara, La Villa: 2023 edition of the historic Gran Risa.

The two days were very clear and direct. In the two scheduled Giant Slaloms, the best performer is Marco Odermatt. Two victories to make four on the iconic track, equaling Alberto Tomba.

Marco Odermatt 2021-2022-2023-2023 / Alberto Tomba 1998-1990-1991-1994.

Odermatt takes the lead of the World Cup with 456 points, 364 Marco Schwarz, 198 Filip Zubcic, 180 Aleksander Aamodt Kilde. It is still early to draw conclusions or reasoning.

17/12/2023, Men’s Giant Slalom

Marco Odermatt 2.29.23, +0.19 Filip Zubcic, + 2.26 Zan Kranjec

18/12/2023, Men’s Giant Slalom

Marco Odermatt 2.28.14, +1.05 Marco Schwarz, + 1.22 Zan Kranjec

More competitive race on Sunday than Monday for at least the first two places. Odermatt’s performance has always been high, working as the giant requires. Rapidity of movement, low-high, advance of the lines, do not cut too much and avoid corrections with gratuitous scratching. Easy to write but, extremely complex and difficult to implement effectively.

The Ski World Cup continues in Italy with Madonna di Campiglio, slalom and Bormio, downhill and super g.


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