Louis Vuitton avant-gardiste 10

by Alain Chivilò


Ten years at Louis Vuitton is an important celebration for Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière. In a contemporary world where even a minimal presence causes tension, annoyance and internal strife, celebrating a decade within one of the world’s leading luxury fashion brands is an excellent achievement.

Paris Fashion Week ended with a live show and probably it’s a nice idea to close the event. I think possible for every Fashion Week, worldwide, to finish with a live by a fashion house from the host country, rotating the brands between women’s and men’s collections.

Inside the Cour Carrée at the Louvre, also visible from outside the glass structure that characterizes the Museum, 63 looks were divided among a technological approach, new solutions and the heritage of the Maison. A celebration but, at the same time, clothes created within an avant-garde approach.

The choreography was conceived through light elements and technological assemblages. Sculptural chandeliers for an installation conceived by artist Philippe Parreno and production designer James Chinlund with sound and musical contributions by sound designer Nicolas Becker.

The collection is very rhythmic in the individual dresses and combinations. Bright and shiny elements and embroidery, graphic designs, gloves that do not go unnoticed, bizarre hats and a transparent mask with motifs for a see, I don’t see, but it’s always better to see first.

The palette presented was varied, never too bright even with some hints of color. A mixture of silver, bronze, black and white. The reference to LV bags appears as a print motif. Extroverted geometric motifs for a sort of fine and elegant armor. Cylindrical fabric elements emerge from the sleeve. 

Reflective pendants for mobile and movement apois. Matchings with overlays for sometimes architectural dresses. The feathers were an element that gave vitality to the dress. Looks “that could envelope and makes feel nice and warm, comfortable” as Ghesquière stated.

Ten years to redesign but also to create. Nicolas Ghesquière and Maison Louis Vuitton continue to trace and mark the world of luxury within an invincible empire projected into the near future.


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