Mass and Relays Anterselva 2024

by Alain Chivilò


Anterselva – Antholz, 18-21/1/2024. Last two days.

From the previous review on Friday, the relays brought fun to the Italian stage by easing tensions with new pairs between women and men.

Single Mixed Relay (W+M)

Germany (Voigt, Strelow) 9.25.6, 0+0/0+1, Norway (Tandrevold, Christiansen) +11.2, 0+1/0+7, Austria (Hauser, Eder) +28.3, 0+1/0+ 3. Italy fourth +37.9, (Passler, Hofer) 1+4, 0+2.

Seven Nations in one minute. Alternating race with, after France, Germany in the lead with all the others following.

Mixed Relay (W+M)

Norway to clear up some winter business. 1.04.36,3 (Arnekleiv, Knotten, T Boe, J Boe), 0+6/0+2, Italy +22.3 (Wierer, Vittozzi, Bionaz, Giacomel) 0+1/0+4, Sweden +1.07.8 (Magnusson, E Oeberg, J Nelin, M Ponsiluoma) 0+1/0+8.

Duel between Norway and Italy with Sweden following during the relay. Mixed Olympic Quartet for Italy? There are still a few years to go, but during this season with the world championship is now just around the corner.

Men’s Mass Start, 15 Km

Norway rules the podium: Vetle Sjaastad 0/1/0/0 in 35.51.4, Johannes Dale-Skjevdal +10.7, 0/0/1/1, Vebjoern Soerum +14.0, 0/0/0/1. Quentin Fillon Maillet returns to the top in fourth.

Women’s Mass Start, 12.5 Km

France highlights Julia Simon, 34.42.5, 0/0/1/0 and Lou Jeanmonnot 0/0/0/0 +8.9. Third, confirmed her newfound fit, Lena Haecki-Gross 0/0/1/0 +20.7 The French are united after some alternating races.

Valid performances, even if placed, for Voigt, Knotten, Vittozzi, Arnekleiv. The general classification is made up of placings but some of these athletes lack a continuous performance on the podium. However, for the crystal globe, a bad day for Tandrevold with Braisaz-Bouchet nervous and not at ease these days in Anterselva.


Among women everything needs to be understood and defined. It will be until almost the end: Tandrevold 719, Braisaz-Bouchet 689, Vittozzi 671, Simon 662.

Among men, three in about a hundred points and then the void: J Boe 806. Dale-Skjevdal 714, T Boe 708.

Now, moments of rest, reflection, training and perhaps new possibilities before the Biathlon World Championships, 7-18 February 2024, in Nove Mesto Na Morave.

Editorial Note: I thank you for the compliments received, also in reference to the personal photographs taken in the last seasons of the Biathlon World Cup between Instagram and this web site. Since the beginning of the year, however, I have to take what the Organization shares, especially after the new transmission method inaugurated by Eurovision for all programming and management events.


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