Michael Kors relaxing Fall Winter 2024-25

by Alain Chivilò


Michael Kors at the New York Fashion Week conceived a sort of relaxing Fall Winter 2024 – 2025. An elegant femininity, present in her style but above all far from direct provocation.

65 looks for different interpretations of being a woman. In business, in free time, in important appointments but also in living normally.

Designer Michael Kors introduced his creations as a sort of moving away, because “This season, we’re taking everyone on holiday. It’s about the transcendent joy of getting away”.

In high quality and elegance different styles are combined for a personal internationality that finds its declination in the dress. At Barneys’s original flagship in NYC, an updated Novata era and lingerie with a 1930s flavor along a new luxury.

Always in well-balanced matchings, i colori sono nel nero, avorio, dusty makeup tints between shell and blush, chocolate and cappuccino but also charcoal and banker. A hint of blue to.

From a spiral staircase for continuous games of perspectives, the raincoat, the coat but also a glamorous vest in sight. Black lace, but also lively lingerie. The pattern of refined and structured tweed fabric, leopard print and sequins to embellish important evenings.

Knitwear is wide, even with a long neck, a long leather jacket with its skirt is inevitable, which is also present in a lively cut in denim. Luxe sportswear, luxurious down jackets and tailored jackets.

Cashmeres and flannels, the boots are below the knee, the new chain handle Manhattan bag and the trousers are wide.

The collection appears minimalist but rich in its details. Getting away every day or almost. A simplicity that is only apparent because lokks have their own vitality. Existing, appearing but without wanting to be in the spotlight although in some cases it becomes difficult. Michael Kors greets his women through an amazing collection.


Michael Kors, NYFW, Fall Winter 2024


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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