Mikaela and company

by Alain Chivilò


2023 closes the year with two protagonists between women and men: Mikaela Shiffrin and Marco Odermatt.

American Shiffrin equals 2019 winning Slalom and Giant Slalom in Lienz. Swiss Odermatt wins and comes second in the fearsome Bormio’s Stelvio.

Let’s start with the women in Austria in Lienz. Between Giant Slalom and Special Slalom the main actresses alternate but, one always remains at the top: Mikaela Shiffrin, her majesty as I wrote few years ago. In top athletic, technical and mental form, she wins managing the giant slalom and winning overwhelmingly the slalom. For now Annemarie Moser-Pröll seems very close in the overall Crystal Globe. From January 2024, however, we will enter even more into the competition.

Petra Vlhova in a very overshadowed weekend after her latest victory returns to some difficult moments. Federica Brignone always puts pressure in the second heats, recovering from the errors of her first and entering the podium. Sara Hector also finds a second quality run and gets on the podium.

From +2.34 up (+5.13 the twenty-eighth), the slalom podium is with Lena Duerr and Michelle Gisin, almost at the top after several time.

Giant Slalom: Mikaela Shiffrin 2.05.98, +0.38 Federica Brignone, +0.45 Sara Hector.

Slalom: Mikaela Shiffrin 1.48.75, + 2.34 Lena Duerr, + 2.45 Michelle Gisin.

Madonna di Campiglio, men’s slalom. It’s the evening of recoveries in the second heat. From the sixth to the first Schwarz, from the fifteenth to the third Ryding. The Italians do not appear fluid, but above all are in trouble: in January they will have new opportunities.

Marco Schwarz 1.40.51, +0.25 Clement Noel, +0.39 Dave Ryding.

Bormio, Downhill and Super G.

Marco Odermatt wins and finishes second, putting himself in line for a third consecutive overall Crystal Globe. Kilde will sharpen the edges more in January. Cyprien Sarrazin, unpredictable, wins with a surprise, while Raphael Haaser is the name on the podium for Austria. Italy finds some placements in Downhill but, doesn’t get in Super G.

Downhill: Cyprien Sarrazin 1.50.73, + 0.09 Marco Odermatt, + 1.23 Cameron Alexander.

Super G: Marco Odermatt 1.27.72, + 0.98 Raphael Haaser, + 1.31 Aleksander Aamodt Kilde.

Happy New Year 2024.


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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