Biathlon Oberhof 2024

by Alain Chivilò


Oberhof, 5-7/1/2024, The Biathlon World Cup resumes with the first appointment in Germany. Balance again, confirmations and some backs.

Fourth stage for an extremely difficult sport, which highlights France among the women and a bit of fight among the men. From 10 to 14 January in Ruhpolding it will possible to see what other factors will be put on the scale with the same races, Sprint + Pursuit and Relays.

Men’s 10km Sprint: race with the first five positions in 29.8 In the balance, Benedikt Doll wins 0/1 in 24.12.2, Sturla Holm Laegreid 0/1 +1.8, Endre Stroemsheim 0/1 +5.4

Women’s 7.5 Km Sprint: 17 athletes in one minute. Another race not to be taken for granted. Justine Braisaz-Bouchet opens with another victory 2/0, 22.43.0 thanks also to a strong recovery after the first two misses on the range. Franziska Preuss 0/0, +4.4, Sophie Chauveau 1/0, +4.6

Men’s 12.5 Km, Pursuit: the new Norwegian talent climbs from the bottom step of the podium and wins in 33.04.2, 0/0/0/2. Sturla Holm Laegreid is confirmed 0/1/1/0, +17.8 while Johannes Dale-Skjevdal 1/0/0/0 +36.4 with the first five positions all under the Norwegian flag.

Women’s 10 Km, Pursuit: roar from the world cup holder Julia Simon who finds the best combination between shooting and free skating, 1/0/0/1 in 31.45.2, mother Justine Braisaz-Bouchet remains at the top +18.9, 0/0/1/2, while Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold recovers +44.4, 0/0/1/1.

Men’s 4×7.5 Km Relay: Norway (Stroemsheim, Laegreid, Boe T, Boe JT) in, 0+6/0+1 Second, +2.01.9 Germany (Rees, Doll, Nawrath, Horn) 0+3, 1+12, a motivated Italy +2.50.5 (Zeni, Bionaz, Hofer, Giacomel) 0+8, 0+8

Women’s 4×6 Km Relay: France (Jeanmonnot, Braisaz-Bouchet, Chauveau, Simon) in, 0+3, 0+9. Norway +9.3 (Arnekleiv, Skogan, Knotten, Tandrevold) 0+3, 0+7. Sweden (Magnusson, Persson, Oeberg H, Oeberg E) 1+5, 0+3. Italy is fourth (Comola, Passler, Vittozzi, Carrara) + 3.33.9, 0+2, 3+9 with some troubles in the end, but they are always thinking about the next future.

Five more stages, three months and everything is still uncertain, because all it takes is having an unfit weekend to call almost everything into question. With the new year, Eurovision changes its system of broadcasting free sporting events and the competitions are no longer seen. Eventually, somehow, the connection is re-established.


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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