Parmigianino at NG in London

by Alain Chivilò  


An event to mark the bicentenary of the foundation of the National Gallery Museum in London. For the first time since 1826, the period of its first presentation in the second year after the birth of the famous Institution, following a ten-year restoration, an important altarpiece by the Italian painter Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola (Parma 1503 – Casalmaggiore 1540) is back on display.

An Italian Mannerist masterpiece by Parmigianino, the only large altarpiece in the UK collections, will be exhibited in Room 46, admission free, in an event from 5/12/2024 to 9/3/2025 at the National Gallery, London.

In detail, Parmigianino’s work is: The Madonna and Child with Saints John the Baptist and Jerome, also known as The Vision of Saint Jerome, 1526‒7, Oil on poplar, cm 342.9 x 148.6

Parmigianino is considered the Master, the symbol of Mannerism in Italy. Even if the artist’s life was short, “The Madonna and Child with Saints John the Baptist and Jerome” was painted by Parmigianino when he was just 23 years old during his brief period in Rome from 1524‒7. The commission of the work was conceived to adorn and be placed inside a chapel in the church of San Salvatore in Lauro being in the ownership of Caccialupi, a family of noted church officials. An important public job for the artist, first and only in Rome, obtained in a young age.


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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