Perles for a luxurious dish set

by Alain Chivilò


At the table for a luxurious dish set. A unique collection that evokes the canons of the Dior Fashion House divided in the presence of gold as innovation and creativity, pearls, rose flower and the iconic echo L’Or de J’adore.

Creations by French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel (Saint-Étienne 27/1/1964) who is trying to redefine the properties of glass and enchant the world once again. He has collaborated with the Maison Dior for years.

Perles is the name given to the collection which creates the shapes of stylized roses through a fluid line made of gold pearls as a corolla of enveloping petals. An airy, essential, sinuous flower composed of the union of pearls which together create joy, movement and dynamism. Everything in a presentation plate subtly embellished with a 24-carat gold border, as well as dinner, dessert and bread plates.

Perles by Othoniel for Dior. Yellow. Made in France. All seasonal collections. Details:

Presentation Plate / HYJ01POD1UC200 / 100% Limoges porcelain
Dimensions : 29,5 cm

Dinner Plate / HYJ01POD2UC200 / 100% Limoges porcelain
Dimensions : 27 cm

Dessert Plate / HYJ01POD3UC200 / 100% Limoges porcelain
Dimensions : 22 cm

Side Plate / HYJ01POD4UC200 / 100% Limoges porcelain
Dimensions : 16 cm


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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