Pre-Show and more Chanel Cruise in Shenzhen

by Alain Chivilò


“As China’s capital of design, innovation and high technology, this destination, open to the world, creation, and the future, is the latest of many stopovers made by the Chanel cruise collection”.

“Shenzhen is the next city of the world, a miracle city”.

“Cinema is a good way to illustrate the creation at Chanel, which has a strong universality but, it could be more than cinema. It could be about dance, music, and ultimately about creation”.

Maison Chanel and President Bruno Pavlovsky said.

Why Maison Chanel did choose Shenzhen? The city represents an area of highly technological and innovative companies. Paraphrasing the historic Silicon Valley, Shenzhen has in its area the largest technology companies. The metropolis is the Chinese city with the youngest population. As recent data, it has the average age of residents is 32.5 years old. Last year per capita annual disposable income reached 72,718 yuan ($ 10.622.75) in 2022, up 2.6%. In 2022, Shenzhen residents’ per capita salary income was 61,157 yuan, a nominal increase of 3.5% year on year. It becomes clear how Maison Chanel is implementing a new expansion policy for the brand after the shutdown caused by the pandemic, especially in China. New business opportunities that will also be analyzed by other global fashion houses, planning similar strategies in the short and medium term.

A double show to welcome 2.300 guests divided in customers, buyers, celebrities and industry insiders. At Shenzhen’s Spring Cocoon Stadium, the replica of the Cruise’s collection was conceived as a total 360° show, through various events began in the previous days.

The pre-show started and inaugurated the catwalk.

The road to Thursday 2nd November 2023: Maison Chanel and its Cruise 2023/24 collection. A new presentation, a new show in China, Shenzhen. 


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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