Qatar 2022 Football Fifa World Cup

by Alain Chivilò
© Alain Chivilò

The Football World Cup of scandals, exchange of votes, economic interests, ruined myths, failed super managers, former presidents of the Republic overwhelmed by murky business from Libya to the assignment of the event itself. The World Cup in Qatar has been voted and confirmed but, no one has taken the decision to change the nation to a new one. As we know, this is history and we have to go ahead.

Therefore, the day has come. Greetings and welcome to one of the most important planetary sporting events: Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022.

As Alain usually said, «Are you ready to win the challenge?», but don’t worry, i don’t follow the Football World Cup on Tv as I would like. 

Just as info, from the opening ceremony by Fifa: some photos and Jeon Jung-kook (BTS) live, dreaming.


FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Jeon Jung-kook BTS



by Alain Chivilò

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