QF Australian Open day 10

by Alain Chivilò


Fiery day at the Australian Open 2024. Heat, theatricality, games and spicy atmosphere. Turbulent insects present. All parts of the body, both women and men, were put on show. Sweat to dry, skin to smooth and massage, technical underwear on display without ever taking off clothes. Incitements, curses, prayers and requests towards the coaches, the family, the attendance and the sky. Even the Gods, however, sometimes get tired of giving and then giving.

Welcome to the challenges and duels that will never end, because every opportunity and incentive provided and provoked will determine total sporting wars.

Leaving irony aside, let’s start with the women: Coco Gauff vs Marta Kostyuk opens the tennis dance. The American who holds the last edition of the US Open against the Ukrainian in one of the best tournaments played in terms of importance.

In 3.09 h, Coco Gauff 7/6 (6), (3) 6/7, 6/2 vs Marta Kostyuk. Great battle, strong competitive spirit. A balance until the third set, when Marta lost intensity in the play. Cori always on track and always present. The first two sets were in a very high level, with two tie breaks played with skill. Overall break points won for Cori 9/22, while Marta 7/14. Points won for Coco 126, Marta 120.

Aryna Sabalenka in 1.11 h, 6/2, 6/3, wins with authority against Barbora Krejcikova. Match well managed by Sabalenka with Krejcikova tried but still needs improvement. A promising start to the season for Barbora. Aryna, on the other hand, continues to keep her prediction but she still has one match left for the Final. Break points won for the Belarusian 6/9, for the Czech 2/4. Overall points, Sabalenka 55, Krejcikova 34.

First Semifinal: Coco Gauff vs Aryna Sabalenka.

Cori for being the new black American to go to the final and perhaps win after Serena Willians in 2017 and bring the Stars and Stripes back to Australia after Sofia Kenin in 2020. Aryna Sabalenka to go and confirm herself as the winner in the final for the second time in a row. A final in advance, uncertainty because the prediction could fail if the match becomes close, point to point. Without going too far ahead, let the Semifinal begins.

Among the men, the Serbian Novak Djokjovic wins a very tough match in four sets, especially in the first two, third set managed, fourth set partially balanced: 7/6 (3), 4/6, 6/2, 6/3 in 3.45 h Taylor Fritz, in a game and condition that hadn’t been seen for a long time, tried to always stay in the game until Nole became implacable and clinical. Break points won 4/21 for the Serbian, 2/6 for the American. Points 148 for Djokovic, 121 for the American.

The tank Jannik Sinner, after a previous presentation in boxing style, does not run out of fuel and continues his offensive without losing a set: 6/4, 7/6 (5), 6/3 in 2.39 h. The Italian in his total state on the tennis court, unleashes hell in decisive moments. For example, in the second set, he scores a deadly partial in the tie break, leaving the Russian at 5. Andrey Rublev tries to find some key to open up a possibility, without breaking too much, but doesn’t score any break points (0/8). Sinner in icy tennis, freezes his opponents without ever giving up a step and drumming always and constantly.

Another Final in advance, first semi-final: Novak Djokjovic vs Jannik Sinner.

Nole, although speaks Italian well and knows all the national VIPs, will not be impressed, trying to win again. Jannik wants revenge after Turin to go to the Final. It could be a medium to short match like going to five hours of play. The first to give in will lose inexorably. Nole to then try number 11, Jannik to go to the first and make the Italians color orange (carrots), but the Azzurro never sets.


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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