Rugby World Cup 2023 Quarter-Finals

by Alain Chivilò


The time has come. The final knockout phase is arrived. Quarter-Finals are on the air. 

Wales, Argentina, Ireland, New Zealand, England, Fiji, France, South Africa.

Incredible qualification for Fiji at 10 points but, Australia leading with 11. In the last march of the Pool C to play, Fiji vs Portugal: the world ranking 16th won 24 – 23 vs the world ranking 8th. A try and conversion in the last two minutes gave an historical victory to Portugal. Fiji took one point necessary, with its +5, to walk on.

The surprise is Australia’s elimination. Team not at its best but, now the Wallabies will have to roll up their sleeves.

The Quarter-finals appear balanced and tough in almost 3 matches. On the pitch everything can happens but, at the same time, the opposite. In or out.

Wales vs Argentina, the prediction goes to Wales but, Los Pumas will try not to be actors without a role.

Ireland vs New Zealand. Extremely hard and tough for the two Nations. The All Blacks must get the result, because a defeat in this round would put them under scrutiny, investigation and heavy criticism. If the Irish won, pubs in their home country would stay open until the morning of the following day. The special delivery would be much more burdensome for the Pacifics than the Europeans.

England vs Fiji seems in one way. Displaying the last match by Fiji, only a distracted, disoriented and lazy England could lose as favourites.

France vs South Africa. A possible final in advance. The defending champions against the host nation who would really like to reach the final. Extremely tough and hard. France must give everything on the pitch: play, tactic, injuries, blood, teeths and torn shirts. South Africa is always a difficult team. Very often unspectacular but, effective in blocking the opponent’s play and then winning.

The challenge is open: Try, Essai.


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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