Rugby World Cup 2023 very well

by Alain Chivilò


The two Nations honored the final for bronze, for the third place at the RWC 2023. A match that appeared to be managed by England, however, Argentina kept it open right until the end of the second half.

Argentina vs England

It wasn’t a bronze’s match between disappointed defeat in the semi-finals but, between two teams who tried to win openly, always on the pitch.

England lead until the 30th minute, 16-3 but, Argentina comes closer: end of first half 16-10. The second begins with try and try back, 23-17, at 45′. Five minutes later penalty for Argentina 23-20. Balanced match in the field with strong tension in both teams. 65′ penalty for England 26-20. At 68′ Argentina gets closer 26-23. Los Pumas seem to have a slight inertia to attempt a try or a penalty. During the 75′ Argentina missed a penalty. Five minutes of fight and scrums but, England resists and wins Bronze.

Interesting and tough match, competitive spirit, respect and fight for the penultimate of the RWC 2023. England, with some amnesia during the two halfs, did not keep the intensity constant. It wins Bronze, bringing the European continent onto podium. Argentina has fought as its characteristic. A fourth place leaves a bit of disappointment but, in the end, it is among the top four in the world.

England 26 vs Argentina 23


Tries Ben Earl (8′), Theo Dan (44′) – Conv Owen Farrell (9′, 45′) – Pens Owen Farrell (3′, 13′, 30′, 65′)


Tries Tomas Cubelli (36′), Santiago Carreras (42′) – Conv Emiliano Boffelli (37′, 43′) – Pens Emiliano Boffelli (24′, 50′), Nicolas Sanchez (68′)

Tomorrow, Saturday 28th the Final. Springboks beat two European teams suffering and trailing in the score. Fearsome in their defensive webs to then score a try or a penalty. All Blacks demonstrated, excluding the opening match, to suffer, defend and not be surprised. Able to score they will have to pay attention to the point-to-point especially in the second half, if the match remains stalemate. A proud 50% – 50% for the Final at Stade de France.

The challenge is always open for the last day: Try, Essai.


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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