Stella McCartney Autumn 2024

by Alain Chivilò


For the Creative Director Stella McCartney, for her Fashion House, she created an Autumn 2024 as free as a bird. Seen from above to enter into greater synergy with what surrounds us and what we might encounter.

The woman takes on a role of free spirit, with different roles, even individualistic, but above all she must love nature and animals. In addition you seek and find synergies with like-minded people, possibly in direct connections. She is reality even in normal moments of life without everything being epic and mythical.

Women wear glasses, especially if necessary, but also as a visual element, although it is always better to have the diopters in place without problems with prescription lenses.

The palette is possibly nature-based, like birds, divided in acid canary, oriole oranges, goldfinch yellows, naturals by Stella, swan whites, cardinal reds, raven blacks, British classics, dark heron greys and bright jay blues.

Everything is in a eco fact concept, so for example the 93% of ready-to-wear is crafted from responsible materials including forest-friendly viscose. Moreover, less than 1% of fashion textiles get recycled, meaning 99% goes to landfill. Moving forward, this also helps the 5.500 living tigers not be poached for their fur, skin and body parts.

The dresses have fluid and enveloping shapes but also square ones with straight edges. The trench coats have tiger animal prints, ribbed knits, lace in a lingerie to always wear, flannel shirts and roomy denims.

Feathers are the new entry because respect nature and animals. BioPuff® is the innovative fabric that respects the environment present in the cushions of the photographic set but also in the new Falabella. As indicated by the Creative Director: “for my Autumn 2024 collection, i wanted to see from different perspectives, specially, a bird’s eye view. Having never used feathers in any of my products, BioPuff® truly embodied that healing vision; innovated from plant-based, regenerative materials that show if you commit to and invest in cruelty-free alternatives, there truly can be a better way. I absolutely love the Falabella bag we have crafted togheter; it is one of our most sustainable ever”.

Falabella is reimagined as a padded tote filled with a hemp shell and BioPuff® but non oly, it rendered in plant-based, plastic-free MIRUM® as well as reptile-embossed and lead-free crystal evening editions. Frayme bag also has metal embellishments and tiger prints with apple-based UPPEAL™️.

The collection is witty but also mischievous for a woman who, like the sport of tennis, moves individually. Flying like birds, wearing SMC it’s possible to display the world, trying to respect the planet along the founder’s pioneering philosophy. In a way, British style open to new trends and personal ways of being.


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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