SMC Falabella The Bag

by Alain Chivilò


In its fifteenth year since its debut, the Falabella bag from the Stella McCartney fashion house is still the vegan alternative to the canonical concept of a leather bag.

The use of sustainable and cruelty-free materials has a family tradition when Linda McCartney (vegetarian, photographer and animal rights activist), Stella’s mother, raised her offspring in the English countryside in contact with nature and animals. Hence the name Falabella, a tribute to a horse breed of Argentine origin, whose height does not exceed 80 cm, loved by Stella McCartney.

The concept of the iconic bag always combines craftsmanship and handmade with materials derived from recycling and conscious reuse. On a technical level, every hole in the bag is manual and the aluminum chain through its vegan Shaggy Deer body with waxed organic cotton rope. In a minimum impact than leather, the special coating gives this cruelty-free material its luxurious texture and durability as the monogrammed lining made from recycled polyester.

Falabella bag is fashion and glamour but also an ethical business commitment through sustainable materials that reduce the invasive impact on nature, animals and the planet. In the various models proposed throughout the collections in different looks, it is in black, powder color, white, ivory, brown, fine finishes, floral embroidery and sequins.


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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