Stella McCartney at Selfridges London

by Alain Chivilò


Stellabration by Stella McCartney Fashion House is present at Selfridges’ Corner Shop from 11 to 28 December 2023.

Selfridges in London, located at the western end of Oxford Street, is one of the largest stores in the world, more than a shop: six floors in over 40 thousand square metres, eleven refreshment points, two exhibition halls and countless services. Here you could enter only with underwear and leave with a complete wardrobe, without forgetting objects for the home, IT, technology and much more.

Especially at Christmas, inside Selfridges, the atmosphere is always engaging with lights and colours. The Stella McCartney Fashion House could not give up this show, creating a location at the Corner Shop called “Stellabration”. An installation aimed at involving visitors within the SMC world.

In this area, The Lucky Light Show was placed centrally, designed to elaborate and present what has been used by shops in the past to decorate shop windows and interiors during previous Christmas holidays, giving a new look.

In the Corner Shop it is possible to purchase a capsule of Stella McCartney garments, united by iconic details and sustainable materials, in the kids lines, ready-to-wear, to vegan accessories. Not just clothes, but also an exclusive range of festive-inspired collectibles from the brand, plus a selection of luxury vegan chocolates by Charbonnel et Walker.

As premiere, it has also been included within Stellabration born from the collaboration and creation with Veuve Clicquot, through grape by-product materials from the Champagne House’s harvest and recycled cork. The purchase takes place in a pre-order, only possible at Selfridges, including a fashionable champagne bottle holder. Instead, personalized Veuve Clicquot ice bags are available to keep the precious contents cold, in a limited edition with Stellabration messages.

In this project at Selfridges, British creator Andrew Logan offers a selection of wearable works of art, all available for purchase and made from recycled and recyclable glass exclusively for Stellabration. Moreover, artist Chris Levine presents the work “InterStella”, inspired by the neon elements and stars of the installation.

The concept of the Stella McCartney Fashion House, since its foundation, is that of sustainability, consequently the materials used are recycled, recyclable or biodegradable, highlighting the importance of reducing waste to a minimum during the Christmas holidays. Selfridges stores also continue this policy by having constant changes in seasonal and promotional displays. Each festive season, Selfridges reuses items from previous years for its shop windows and displays, such as artificial snow and disco balls. This year, they come to new life with a giant moon, repainted by prop maker Matilda Greenwood and Santa’s golden car which was repurposed after being used as Barbie’s car during the takeover of the Corner Shop in July.

London, Selfridges and Stella McCartney clothes and products await you for seventeen days until 28 December 2023. More information visiting  SelfridgesStellabration


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