Stella McCartney Sensual in Style

by Alain Chivilò


It’s about fucking time. It’s about fucking time. 

The Autumn Winter 2024 – 2025 fashion show, women’s and men’s collection, opens with a message from Planet Earth. Designer Stella McCartney has established a concept of sustainability, fashion that respects nature and environment since 2001.

A declaration, manifesto, read by celebrated Oscar winning actresses Helen Mirren and Olivia Colman, mouthed on different sustainable screens by the lips of eco activists.

At Parc André Citroën, during Paris Fashion Week, after the phrase repeated like an echo – It’s about fucking time – what kind of collection was waiting for us? Aggressive, dark, post-catastrophe? None of this. Completely the opposite.

Without misunderstanding, Maison Stella McCartney proposed an extremely sensual, graceful and varied FW 2024 – 2025 collection, transforming the cold season into almost a kind of summer. All materials always respectful of Nature: 90% of the collection is made with responsible materials.

57 looks plus one in the founder at the end. The key point is given by large jackets, tuxedos with broad and strong shoulders worn next to the skin and nothing else. Closed or open they allow the woman to command and win a seductive game, embarrassing above all the man in front.

Red lips as a motif in dresses and t-shirts, as well as in some bag models surrounded by crystals.

A sensuous collection with body-hugging necklines and petticoats with a refined but direct knitwear motif in visual impact. Navel also exposed.

The colors vary in shades from light blue, to red, to orange, powder pink, to grey, white, black, silver and make up nuances.

The shirt, dress and bags featured a workmanship that recalls a crochet reference with large decorative loops creating an enveloping and unique effect in a very full workmanship, almost like a huge and human loose ball of yarn.

Balaclava and knitwear with a very high collar that rises towards the face. The sweater cords are hand-knitted from responsible alpaca yarn and join two stitches into one for distressed pieces. The turtlenecks have strong shoulders and are made of regenerated cashmere. Jeans embellishments in silver popper side details, alongside studs and hammered aluminum sequins outlining chaps.

The crocodile trench coats and skirts are made from UPPEAL™️, an apple-based vegan alternative to animal skins, produced in tanneries without harmful or carcinogenic chemicals.

Knee-length skirt, leather jacket and raincoat, a tank top with the word symbol: About Fucking Time. Denim and leather inserted as a motif in some looks. For the evening, women return to being sensual with very enveloping clothes. Lead-free crystal circular rivets and metal snaps provide high embellishment. Recyclable hammered aluminum sequins and lead-free crystal structures form clothing and decorations elements on tailoring.

The new Falabella bags are made of regenerative cotton bouclé denim, embellished with lead-free crystals and painted with Airlite (technology that actively purifies the air, always in tune with the Planet). Stella Studs oversized tote in vegan alternatives to leather and apple-embossed crocodile. Shoes include new Ryder loafers with sculptural detailing and Elsa pointy pumps.

Few looks, but essential, even for men with suits, leather jacket and trousers, long and evening raincoats with lots of sequins.

The collection from the Stella McCartney Fashion House is vital and probably among the best seen in recent times. Without entering into an almost direct provocation, women can play at being sensual and seductive within a rich, youthful wardrobe, interchangeable in the various looks and trendy. In a different way, the man also presents himself with few items of clothing in presence. Everything always respecting Gaia.


Stella McCartney Autumn Winter 2024, 2025. Runway Show, Paris Fashion Week


Magna Mater
Mother Earth
You have called me many names
And you know my face
You see me in the trees
The birds
The waves
You all came from me
In harmony
So why are you harming me?
We are always together
And despite your attempts at emancipation
You cannot cut the umbilical chord
That connects the entire planet
Sorry, baby
I am the only mother where it is natural
For her to outlive her children
But what will be left of me
After you?
I still love you
Do you still love me?
I need you to show it
Show me you love me
It’s about fucking time
It’s about fucking time
It’s about fucking time

Intro Stella McCartney Autumn Winter 2024, 2025. Runway Show, Paris Fashion Week


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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