McCartney at Shanghai Fashion Week

by Alain Chivilò


The show planned by Stella McCartney Fashion House in China was full, with many events and appointments. A detailed organization to maximize the concept of sustainability through non-invasive materials that respect planet Earth. Music, runway show, an installation, a dinner and many public relations moments. The brand is global and after Paris Fashion Week another important event at Shanghai Fashion Week. This happening has been the first visit since 2019.

“I am so inspired by the next generation of talent coming out of Shanghai Fashion Week and China’s fashion industry. That’s why I am so thrilled to introduce my Spring 2024 and Sorayama collection, alongside my pioneering solutions, here. I wanted to bring a bit of Paris to Shanghai with my sustainable market and invite everyone to come and discover the incredible potential of material innovation”, Stella McCartney declared.

As communicated, Maison Stella McCartney presented its Spring 2024 collection and “Future of Fashion: An innovation conversation with Stella McCartney” exhibit at Shanghai Fashion Week, closing China’s leading bi-annual fashion event with the runway show. The presentation included a performance by next-gen Chinese rapper Adawa, who wore pieces from the upcoming limited-edition Stella McCartney x Sorayama unisex capsule. In the Spring 2024 runway show models played a game of musical chairs, in step with Stella McCartney’s signature humour and music DNA. The collection celebrates Stella women at every stage of their lives: it is a vibrant meditation on womanhood, nature and animals, and Stella’s American heritage and personal wardrobe – particularly from the early years of her career.

Adawa’s performance continued the music energy, joined by dancers also dressed in Stella McCartney x Sorayama pieces. The capsule is crafted from 100% conscious materials and features original works by Hajime Sorayama. It is the latest in an ongoing conversation between the British designer and Japanese artist, having previously collaborated on the McCartney A to Z Manifesto.

The fourth edition of Stella McCartney’s “Future of Fashion: An innovation conversation with Stella McCartney” exhibit installation is hosted at the ZA · Andrews & George Building, and will be open to the public from 17 to 22 October. This edition is modelled after Stella’s Sustainable Market, which was the concept of the brand’s Summer 2024 runway show during Paris Fashion Week – bringing together 6 stalls inviting guests and the public to experience the pioneering materials featured in the collection, the brand’s most sustainable to date.

The evolving and travelling Future of Fashion installation leverages Stella McCartney’s current achievements to inspire future actions, with this iteration spotlighting six material innovations the brand incorporates into its collections: MIRUM®, Uppeal™, VEGEA®, Bananatex®, SOKTAS regenerative cotton and forest-friendly viscose. Additional activities included an upcycling workshop by Donghua University repurposing Stella McCartney products and a sustainable design display platforming the work of five local talents, who are 8ON8, Bad Binch Tong Tong, CHEN PENG, JING WEI from Oude Wang and Shie Lyu.

The runway show sponsored by Oladance, who shared a fashion vision and values of pioneering, disruptive innovation with Stella McCartney – having introduced OWS open-ear headphones to the market, which have now become an industry standard. The British designer additionally co-hosts a dinner with UKDBT and Macallan at Plaza 66, with the venue provided by Hang Lung Properties. Stella McCartney will be launching a new boutique at Plaza 66, opening 2023. The boutique is about 150 square meters and is in Plaza 66 in Jing’an District, Shanghai. It is inspired by Stella McCartney’s Old Bond Street flagship store in London, integrating Stella McCartney’s timeless design and innovative sustainable materials to create an immersive experience space.

Days busy and full. A huge presentation about the brand and its products, values and messages.


Future of Fashion An innovation conversation with Stella McCartney, October 2023, Shanghai Fashion Week


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