WTA Finals Cancun Final Day

by Alain Chivilò


GNP Seguros, WTA Finals, Cancun, Mexico, 2023.

Finals. The day of the Finals.


Nicole Melichar – Martinez / Ellen Perez vs Laura Siegemund / Vera Zvonareva

Fortunately the final has been scheduled today, otherwise Melichar/Martinez two matches in one day, Siegemund/Zvonareva three (or two and half).

The Queens of the Finals are Laura Siegemund / Vera Zvonareva

In two sets, 6/4, 6/4 in 1.38 H vs Nicole Melichar – Martinez / Ellen Perez.

Balanced and tough match. Opening set, the German/Russian duo were able to maximize the only opportunity to take the lead than the American/Australian: 1/8 vs 0/8 as break points converted. Greater service performance. Second set, the fight continued with a combination of breaks and breaks back. Again, at the right moment Siegemund/Zvonareva made the final break for the victory.


Jessica Pegula vs Iga Swiatek

From Poland Iga Swiatek signs the WTA Finals winning 6/1, 6/0 in 0.59 minutes vs American Jessica Pegula.

Jessica Pegula started well but after, suffered two breaks shortly and in 23 minutes was 1-5 down. How is it possible? In a certain sense it is like life, where some situations cannot be explained in their dynamics and solutions can no longer be found, at least for a period. A clinical 2/2 in the conversion of break points brings Iga Swiatek 1-0. She, without batting an eyelid, continues her impressive tennis action. Errors reduced to almost zero, strength and depth in almost every shot. Always winning geometric tennis textures. Second set, immediate break: Iga’s advantages: 2-0 in an instant. Another break and then immediately 4-0. Another break and then 6-0.

Merciless score for Jessica Pegula, who played an extraordinary tournament, annihilated by TI, Terminator Iga in a maximum and incredible total form and condition. In one way she reminds me another champion from past decades, Steffi Graf but, it still takes time. Number one.

Future? Will Iga Swiatek be able to play the Australia Open and other tournaments with this brilliant and strong tennis and will she continue throughout 2024? Will her opponents be able to train with this intensity and maintain it in tournaments, matches and finals? A month and a half of rest before returning to the arena of tennis life.

In conclusion, at present, goodbye to 2024 for the WTA circuit. Happy holidays and strong training in view of a new season. Anyway, staying positive and optimistic, kisses, hugs and a question: are you still ready to win the challenge again? I don’t know 🙂 I don’t think so 🙂 😉 Hola. Greetings. Saludos.


©AC, NDSL, AM, Alain Chivilo

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